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  1. not all were solid...the Variax Acoustic 300 has hollowed chambers, as I remember...and it works...
  2. is this the solution? > taking out the saddle and pickup of an old Variax Acoustic 300/700 or Nylon - put it into an acoustic guitar and connect it to a Variax HD system? A used Variax Acoustic 700 is still expensive...especially for just taking out the saddle and pickup...but the Acoustic 300 is affordable...for me...
  3. as I wrote I tried the GP10...the sound of the banjo, reso...are terrible....and the rest? Also not good enough... is it possible to connect the RMC pickups with the Variax system? Or only with 13 pin connectors ....midi stuff? Does somebody know other hexaphonic pickups for acoustic guitars? Vibrations cause a lot of problems with the pickups? The Variax Acoustic 300 was not solid like the Variax Acoustic 700, right? It was hollowed...or with chambers...it must be possible...unfortunately it didn`t came with all the different acoustic models > banjo, reso, 12-string...
  4. the pickup underneath is maybe the same...but the bridge/saddle? Totally different... do I need a hexaphonic pickup? ... f.e. > Shadow Nanoflex 6/SH 4020 RMC pickup gold standard L.R. Baggs T-Bridge
  5. Fishman Aura is crap...every image sounds like an acoustic guitar recorded in a tin...and I had a Variax Acoustic 700 two times already...but the body is not hollowed...so micing this guitar makes not much sense but that bridge has probably 6 individual pickups...pickups for every string...so I need this pickup but where can I get one? There are no other simular pickups out there - from other brands? If there are such pickups for electric guitars - why not for acoustic guitars? There must be a solution.... I just found this video where someone put all the Variax components in an external box like I want it....but with the difference > connected to an acoustic guitar.. the rackvax seems not to be available anymore and you can`t update it...this unit doesn`t have the better sounding HD...and doesn`t work with the Workbench HD. I experimented with a GK-3 and a Boss GP-10 but the acoustic models were not as good as the Variax acoustic models but it was fun f.e. to tune the modeled guitar one octave below and mic my guitar in standard guitar tuning...> fat sound and not so artificial-digital sounding!
  6. hello, I know many do a Variax transplant into an electric guitar (Fender, Ibanez...whatever), but I would like to have the system in one of my acoustic guitars. For recordings I want to mix the modelling sound together with the mic`d sound of my acoustic guitar to get an even more realistic sound. Maybe it is not necessary to build the Variax electronics into my acoustic guitar - maybe I can put it external into a wooden box and a long cable goes through the soundhole or through the endpin jack to the bridge. Possible? Do I need a special saddle/bridge or just a simple piezo pickup to connect with the Variax computer? I am not a technical guy...hope to find a luthier to do that...if possible... thanks... Marko
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