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  1. Thanks for comment. I've just checked that sell 75 as 308 USD. Hi jdebiase, I agree with you that bigger speaker and higher power amp can always bring better sound quanlity. Hi cungar, can the 75 deliver decent sound quanlity with volume as quiet as a TV or acoustic guitar? AFAIK analog amps usually won't sound good with low volume. I'm not sure how good Line6's digital combo can do it. Regards, ~Kurapica
  2. Hello ALL, I recently found that AMPLIFi 30 and 75 are both 300 USD. So, how should I choose between them? What I've noticed is that AMPLIFi 30 has smaller dimention, and AMPLIFi 75 has louder sound. Is that all? What I want to know is, is AMPLIFi 75 sound better than 30? and can I turn AMPLIFi 75's volume low enough to suit bedroom usage? If so, I'd love to choose 75 cause dimension is not a big problem to me. I cannot find any comparasion with google and youtube. Neither can I try them in my local stores. So if any tried both of them, don't hesitate to share your expierence! Regards, ~Kurapica
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