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  1. I'm not sure, I think I have a black Pod Studio, it's all black? Anyway, I seem to have fixed the problem. I moved the UX2 USB conection from one place to another on my PC. The USB conection from my UX2 was in a 3.0 and now I've moved it to a 2.0. Could that make a difference?
  2. Hi there fflbrgst I use a UX2 plugged in to a desk top computer, running Windows 10. The UX2 also runs to a surround sound amplifier via its digital coaxial. I have Pod Farm 2.59, and with that I use Ableton Live Lite 7 to record. I have the USB firmware 1.02 also. When I playback tracks through the UX2, that I have recorded on Ableton things are fine. The problem started when I tried to play my guitar through Pod Farm. I was getting a bad delay. The problem got much worse when I used Ableton Live Lite along with Pod Farm. It went from a small delay to a much more pronounced echo. I say was because after trying a Windows 10 Trouble Shooting fix things went from bad to worse. The sound is much more confused. Everything sounds out of tune and distorted. There is a crackling sound as well as the delay and distortion. I have no idea how to make the UX2 work as it should. I feel that I have tried everything. I bought my UX2 back in 2010. Things only started going bad after the Line 6 Monkey downloaded a sample version of 2.59. Another problem I have with this new download is that I have lost so many amps and effects. To get the full thing I have to pay. Peter
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