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  1. So I've watched the two videos on setting a virtual capo - when I push my model button down and get it and the tuning select wheel to blink, as soon as I move the tuning select to where I want to store openE (modal in this case), the tuning select knob stops blinking and I get nothing saved... every time. It seems as if this does not want to be this difficult - any suggestions on how I can store OpenE tuning in what is now the factory "Model" position on the tuning wheel?
  2. Wireless Frequencies that will be made not available by the Feds by 2020: 616-653MHz & 663-698MHz frequencies shown will need to be replaced/retired within the next 39 months or sooner depending on the purchaser’s transition rate, to be in compliance with the law. Will this render a Line^ G-50 wireless unit useless then? Does the G-50 operate in these soon to go-away frequencies?
  3. Thanks - I looked around a lot, and buying direct from the Line6 Store turned out to be the best price - I found other sized bags but by the time they got large enough for the speaker, they became more expensive than what Line6 was asking - also, BTW, Line6 Direct was less $$ than Amazon sellers.... Should be here by mid-next week.
  4. Subject line sums it up. Anyone found a good bag for the L2T that isn't quite that spendy?
  5. I tried searching and came up empty. The "Specifications" tab on the Line6 site for this model does not include what string gauge they ship on the guitar - it has a D'Addario hang tag, but no info there either. Seems like a pretty basic "Specifications" to include - any one know for sure? I like to use 10's (GHS Burnished Rockers) and want to know if putting those on the guitar will require a neck adjustment? Thanks in advance.
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