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  1. I am having the same issue since upgrading to OSX Mojave. In Cubase when I add a new audio track and open Helix Native as an insert, I get the spinner and the plugin won’t load and causes Cubase to hang. I am using the trail version and all was fine before updating the OS. Does anyone else have this issue?
  2. Hi there many thanks for your reply. I have tried both a different ring main and different power cable but no difference. I will send it into get repaired under warranty. Sad times though
  3. Good morning all, I have recently purchased a Helix floor and have been so far very impressed with it. However after approximately an hours use last night it went U/S. The main display went off and all of the scribble strips including the EXP1&2 strip went blank but all flashed continuously on and off at approximately one second intervals. Power reset the Helix and all was fine for around 10 minutes when it happened again. Then did a factory reset but again after a few minutes the fault reoccured. It happens with nothing but the power cable connected to the unit, so this eliminates any connected device causing the issue. The unit is running the latest 2.70 firmware. Any users experienced this problem at all. Personally I believe it to be hardware related but any ideas welcome. Many thanks.
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