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  1. According to the line 6 staff it has everything to do with DSP power. Nothing to do with how big they are. As for the technology, it's the same IR technology but they tweaked it to use less DSP power for the built in cab sims. You can read what he said on the older IR thread.
  2. Not sure what you mean... I said "some" cab sims, and I said I trust a particular IR because I use it all the time in my DAW, whats the problem here? what is this sandwich that you are talking about? Line 6 wants people to buy more Two-Notes' products?
  3. sorry I wasn't talking about you. I saw someone saying that in the old thread that i made, and that is 100% an excuse not to add this feature. but yeah the DSP and sampling length issue pretty much killed it.
  4. I personally think that some of the built- in cab sims are really weird. If they can fix those in an firmware update will be nice. In terms of custom IR loading, its not like I like going through 500 IRs and get lost in the process. it's just I have some IRs that I know I can work with and can be trusted, and will be nice if I can use it. Sure for the price of all the POD HD I am pleased with what it comes with. But saying that having the ability of loading custom IRs is a bad idea or a waste of time is just stupid.
  5. Just did a search trying to find anything about this being impossible, and apparently the last topic about loading user IR was also started by me a long time ago. Totally forgot about it. :wacko: ========================================================================== Update: After reading that entire thread that I started, which turned into a war zone (Any Plans For Custom Ir Functionality? in POD HD ) a Line 6 staff stated that this option is simply too difficult to get around with the current architecture of POD HDs, even the new X's.
  6. Oh I didn't know that they made that kind of statement. I am well aware of those hardware options. I guess I was just a little too excited to see new firmware updates and new Amp models coming, and I thought maybe this is still possible in the future. In a Studio situation I dont even use my POD. Software options are just far superior in a modern DAW.
  7. I am not exactly sure what you mean. To be clear I never said anything like "load a reaction to an impulse". that makes no sense to me. Like you said, an impulse responses in this context is basically the very last component in your signal chain, the "Guitar Cab's characteristic captured with a microphone". In practice, these IR's are basically very short .WAV files that are just like any files on your computer. In any modern DAW you can quickly go through lots of IRs (.WAV file) in your guitar signal chain simply by loading and swapping them in any IR loaders. All for finding the sound that you desire. POD HD works the same way, it has a signal chain, from pedals, preamp, poweramp to cab+mics, and from my understanding, all the CAB-MIC that you see in your POD HD are just .WAV files, digitally located inside the flash memory. As for third-party IRs, some IR libraries have very large pool of tinny variations of the same cab+mic. For example you can find IRs that are Mic-ed on axis, 45 degree on axis, off axis, 1 inch off axis, 1 inch away from the cab and so on... all with the same cab+mic combination. (http://www.redwirez.com/) On the current POD HDs, you only have a very few options. someone said the POD HD's are not capable of loading your choice of IRs but I just don't know enough about why that is the case.
  8. But hey there's no wrong being a dreamer mate. Especially with the new firmware updates and the new Amp models coming, If we can get the freedom of loading third party IRs, POD HD can really be a lot more competitive in this blooming market. (If the logic is correct, this means more revenue)
  9. Sorry about the confusion, bad choice of words i guess. I was talking about the ability to load non-factory IRs into these totally capable POD HDs.
  10. I am glad to see that Line6 are still working on the POD HD products with the upcoming updates. I guess the only thing missing right now is the freedom of using custom IRs. I know all the HDs has a limited amount of storage, but since we are getting new AMP models that means this shouldn't be too much of a problem i hope? Still looking forward to where all the POD HD is heading in the near future though. Any thoughts on this anyone?
  11. still loving my Pod HD Pro to this day. but i can't help to realize the built in impulse responses just doesn't work well. and since i have about 500 IRs in my hard-disk, i can't help to wish the HD family will one day be able to use those IRs. even if its only 1 slot for custom IR would be great if memory space is an issue. or maybe come out with a new product like the Torpedo loadbox and named it POD HD BOX ? custom IR is the last missing piece for all POD units IMHO.
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