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  1. So recently i bought a JTV 69s Korean. All the variax electronics were fine and did everything I wanted. I had no problems there. The build quality is very decent throughout. The nut looks plastic but its actually graphite and is just as capable as a bone nut. The action was pretty terrible though. I had to get my guitar set up by a proffesional for it to be playable (the place I bought it didn't provide setups). While he was setting it up, he noticed the springs in the magnetic pickups were not installed properly and he had to manually re-cut them. Once the pickups were adjusted they sounded excellent. After the setup, the guitar is as good as, if not better than an american strat. Plus there's all the cool modelling stuff. So I would say that its worth getting if you're willing to have a proper setup done or if the place you buy from does it for you.
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