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  1. Thanks again, I have really been liking it. It could use some tweaks, but it's definitely workable. I really like how it picks tones according to songs in your music library. That's pretty slick, I realize what it's doing, it's still pretty slick. Much happier a couple weeks in than I was in the first few days about this purchase.
  2. Thanks man, after tinkering around with the app on my phone I found exactly what I was looking for, there's like 20 banks with 4 preset tones per bank. Pretty stoked this is what I was hoping it would be, and I set up teamviewer so I can control my phone on my pc, basically controlling the Amplifi remote. Pretty slick once I figured it out. Thank you very much!
  3. This stuff is all still very new to me, I'm have a PODxt that I connect via usb to my pc and that's where I use gearbox, but either the podxt is crapping out, or the Win10 interface isn't compatible with it, because I am getting pops and clicks and the volume drops, markedly if I play even remotely loud. On the 'amp' in gearbox I've witnessed the volume setting on whatever amp model is up drop from 6 to 3 or so. I'm guessing that's because of clipping. Anyway, what I was hoping, is that there is some sort of similar setup for the TT. Where I can load amp models, pedals, etc, and set them up visually. Again, I am really new at this, and while I'm ok navigating around in Gearbox, I feel like a moron trying to figure out this software. Long question short, is there anything for the TT that will allow me to setup amps and pedals like Gearbox does/did? Thank you for answering, I do appreciate it. Also, I do nearly no recording, this is purely for practice and fun. So learning the ins and outs of a DAW, let alone the costs, not something I currently want to get involved in if I don't have to.
  4. I downloaded the amplifi remote for my Android, but was wondering if there was any type if "gearbox" software for this. I tried to put helix on my Win10 laptop, but that didn't really work. Any help would be appreciated.
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