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  1. I managed to get sound out of my HX Stomp using kernel 5.4.0-0. The recording quality is very good but somehow the playback sound is plain horrible: lots of distortion and other artifacts. I didn't dig much into in, its great to see that it's possible to make it work :) I'll stick with my HD500X for now: I love the input versatility.
  2. The problem you describe is exactly the one I am having. I find it happens only if you switch snapshot with the wah being auto-engaged. I have a Boss FV-500H. Yes, I tried all three settings for that parameter without luck. I have no parameter assigned to the snapshot for that wah, so I guess it should behave exactly the same way in all snapshots. I should also mention that all snapshots behave as expected if I let the auto-engage enough time to disable the wah before switching preset. It's switching while the wah is auto-engaged that messes everything. @codamedia 's tip to set snapshot to "discard" works as a workaround, but I have to press the snapshot twice. If I switch to snaphot 1 and get the inverted auto-engaged state, pressing snapshot 1 again fixes the issue. Moving to another preset and back also works as a workaround.
  3. I have tried that an unfortunately it doesn't work. Thanks for the idea.
  4. Hello, I came across an unexpected behavior on the HX-Stomp, and I don't know how to work around it. I have a Wah with auto-engage configured. If I switch snapshot whilst the Wah is engaged, the Wah has a reversed behavior on the newly selected snapshot: it is disabled in any position but heel down. I have tried messing with the parameters but without success. Any idea how to work around that issue?
  5. Thanks for the feedback @velaramon, I was also considering the LT with a preamp. I ended up with a simple setup on the HD500x which works fine for now. I'm still interested in feedback from other singers.
  6. Hello, I am a guitarist and singer in a band. I currently own a HD500x and rely on the PA effects for the voice. I need more flexibility and I am considering purchasing a Helix but I wonder if it's suited for voice effects. I owned a Voicelive 3 that was awesome for voice effects but I couldn't get any great guitar tone from it. My needs are simple : reverb, radio, light disortion, maybe a "double" effect to fatten the voice. Thanks for the help. Feedback from actual singers would be nice.
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