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  1. Finally fixed it. I tried cutting and pasting. Then I "extracted" the content. Then, I physically dragged and dropped into user presets. That finally worked. Appreciate all the feedback. Really, thank you all.
  2. I can see all of my .hxb files, but I cannot click on them in order to import them into my User Presets. When I also try to use a Restore option from the menu, I see a window showing the Documents/Line6/Tones/Helix/Backups, but it says "no compatible backup files in selection folder -- even though I see my backups there. The .hxb files are grayed out.
  3. I haven't updated in a while and finally got some time to do it, so I did a backup like always, updated Helix Editor, first, and then did the Firmware update. Everything seems to have worked fine. However, when I went to backup my user presets, I couldn't do it. I can find the folders on my computer, with the backup folder, but the actual backup is grayed-out, and not clickable. I should mention that I am running macOS Monterey Version 12.3.1. Wondering if this is the problem. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I've got 4 years or so of presets I rely on and would have to start over at this point. Thanks.
  4. Resurrecting an older thread, but my Helix Backpack just arrived and I went totally OCD trying to figure out what all the loops were for! So a big thank you for the informative thread. Google really is your friend!
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