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  1. corywong

    M9 copy presets to another M9??

  2. is there a way to easily dump all my settings and presets from one M9 to another? midi cable? help! thanks!
  3. 80% of the time I go direct 2XLR's to the FOH, but sometimes I go into an amp....any way i can quick change my presets to do that? any master switch to do that on all presets?
  4. found a great clean and overdriven sound from the amp channel, but want to keep it in the same preset...here's what I'm looking to do.... Footswitch 5 off - amp gain 3, volume 6 Footswitch 5 on - amp gain 7, volume 5 help?!?!
  5. Hi. I'm wondering if on the HD500 and HD500x if it is possible to just have switches 1-8 ALL controlling individual stompboxes....basically i want to not have to use A,B,C,D ...i want to have 8 individual stompboxes per preset that i can turn on or off. help?!