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  1. Hi, I have a problem with my Flex II XL, the XLR outputs in LIVE mode do not work, they work just in STUDIO, but I dont have output on the speakers. Could it be a setup issue? Any suggestion? Many thanks,
  2. In fact is similar the way I run it (I use the 4 cables). But I've found that for some Patches maybe it could be easy to use the Flexy models. The only important thing is that I don't know if is my fault in program set up or if there's something wrong in those devices. And the Flaxy has still a GREAT sound!
  3. Hi there, I have aways use my HD throught a PA and a keybooard amplifier as monitor. I'd like to run it throuht a FLEXY II with the 4cm plus Midi. Everything is running pretty fine (need to work a bit but seems to have a good and luod sound) except for the MIDI commands. The channels on Flexy are changed directly by the preset footswitches on the HD in this way: FS5>chD, FS6>chA, FS7>chB, FS8>chC. No other changes will be keept no matter how many commands I'll send to it. Please tell me where I make it wrong, or if simply the two devices are not compatibles... Thanks for the help!
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