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  1. rhodesworks

    Two Spider IV 75 amps in Stereo?

    Thanks for the advice. I used to use Flextone II 2-12 amps and could do this sort of thing over midi. i've also used the Flextone single 12" with the extention cabinet and the Flextone head with two cabs using 1/2 each cab one left one right. Currently as i said I have two Spider IV and was just thinking I'd try it with those. I've actually used quite a bit of Line 6 stuff over the years Thanks again!
  2. rhodesworks

    Two Spider IV 75 amps in Stereo?

    Would it be feasible to wire a junction box, one in, two out with the supply voltage not connected on output #2?
  3. I have two Line 6 Spider IV 75 amps. I would like to use them as a pair one stage left, one stage right, both being controlled by the same floorboard. I am currently running a guitar cable rather than a wireless rig (thanks FCC). I own an FBV Sohrtboard MkII, FBV Shortboard Mk1, FBV Express MkII, and FBV ExpressMk1 so whichever one would be the better option. What would be the best way to do this?
  4. Is it possible to connect a Shortboard MkII to two different Spider IV 75 amps at the same time, using the Shortboard to control both, duplicating the two amps functions? One for stage left, one for stage right?