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  1. Hi everybody - I'm trying to decide on my next Line 6 purchase - either the Firehawk FX or HD500x. I've had various L6 products over the years (POD 2.0, XT live, Variax, M13), and with the PODs my goal is always the same: I want one VERY good tone, and I want it to be easily accessible. I literally only use one base tone with some OD and delay - and to my ears it's a fairly generic worship-type tone (think AC 30). The Firehawk appeals to me because it's a decent "out of the box" solution with the app editing. However, I go back and forth on if the quality is up to par with the HD500x. The HD500x sounds good, but I hate to spend $500 to use probably 2% of it's capabilities. Honestly, my ideal is something closer to the POD 2.0, but with better tones obviously. I love the no frills setup. For context, I disliked my XT live. I never felt it sounded great and it was hard to edit sounds.
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