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  1. Didn't pay for them - they came with the version of Riffworks included with Studio GX. Trying to get around it this without having to effectively buy it again, as money is very tight at the moment(when isn't it for musicians?). Still, might be cheaper than flying back to Christchurch just to get a CD...
  2. Thanks for the info. Geez my own reply was very tardy, my apologies. Unfortunately the lincense manager doesn't seem to apply to the Riffworks. Nevermind I'll look into the crossgrade. It's really the RAW funk grooves that I miss - Terence Higgins lays it down perfectly IMHO.
  3. Oh dear, my laptop suddenly died and with it my copy of Riffworks with the drummers that came with it - Raw Funk Grooves, When I Rrum Around etc etc. My Installation CD is in storage in another town, so I've downloaded Riffworks Line6 edition, only to find that it requires a licence key to get past the Demo mode. I can't seem to find anyway around this - any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers HB
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