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  1. Yes I have a POD HD500. you mean the anti virus on my computer? I don't have an antivirus. I'm using a mac.
  2. Hi I'm just using one POD HD. Already tried updating using the monkey direct update and also using a downloaded file. Both don't work.
  3. I am running on a mac so I couldn't use the MD5 checksum file. since that is a windows only file. THe only error message that comes up when I try updating to flash memory 2.6 is that it just says that it isn't compatible with my POD HD500...??? so it's weird. Tried uploading a screenshot but couldn't find out how to do it on this forum.
  4. Here's a screen shot of the message. Also I am on a mac, so I couldn't use the MD5 checksum file since it is a Windows only file.currently my POD HD is running on version 2.32 and on the latest drivers. So it's confusing why I couldn't update to 2.6....
  5. Hi I'm on a reguler POD HD500, tried updating to the latest firmware 2.6 today, but with no success, seems like my POD HD isn't reading the file or something. Anyone have the same problem? is the firmware compatible with the old reguler POD HD? or am I missing something here?
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