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  1. you made me laugh moderato ! buuuuuuut no ... adding $200 will bring another device ! and this is not the idea ... be patient
  2. hi, i have read on another thread some heavy discussion about not being able to record with the Amplifi 150 ... i would like to highlight that this is a perfect tool, really, (at home, rehearsal and gigs!) with the features proposed so far ! nevertheless, recording would be a well appreciated feature and line 6 did not say that it will not be added in the future ... "the AMPLIFi team's just been really busy." ... (very positive unofficial wording) ... so ... i wait ...(-: ... and thanks to line 6 to create those magic products !
  3. in the "currently" of triryche i understand that it will be possible in the future ... so i wait ...(-: Thank you
  4. Hi, just uploaded the new firmware and had a very pleasant surprise to see all these banks now available ! playing with the remote app is great to prepare the tones, but i did not find how to switch from bank to bank directly from the amplifi. is it possible to do it ? many thanks in advance
  5. hi, how can we "influence" the line 6 research team to add the possibility to connect our Variax to the Amplifi through the unused ethernet plug ? How cool would it be !!! (-: The amplifi is just a perfect tool let's add more feature !
  6. Do you play electric or acoustic ?
  7. Hi, Good point ! I was more oriented toward the 150 because I though 75 will not be enough ? Could you describe a bit more the usage you have ?
  8. Thank you very much for your detailled answer (-:
  9. Of course archtopeddy, it is exactly what i expect ! and do you like the sound ?
  10. Great ! thank you very much for your help
  11. Ah ok, i understand your answer ! in fact i plan to connect the guitar directly to the amp, and one of the ipad app will play what i will use as "backtrack", so normally no "monitoring" issue is it right ? Just to check: for example i use DM1 (a drum machine, running on the IOS device, generating sound) and go through bluetooth to the amp, do you think it will sound good ?
  12. thanks for your answers .... but i am not sure to understand "anything I can play through my iPhone, I can play through through the AMPLIFI via the bluetooth" (archtopeddy) and "you wouldn't be able to use amplifi as a monitor for those apps particularly" (TheRealZapp) I am sure to miss something in your answers ?
  13. Hello, The idea behind amplifi is really great ! Can somebody tell me if all the apps I use on ios (session band, jamup, forscore, irealB, multitrack daw, loopy hd...) will also be usable thanks to the Bluetooth through the amplifi or is there some restrictions ? Thanks for your feedback
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