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  1. racer73

    Help Needed

    So I guess I have to buy an HD500? Geez
  2. racer73

    Help Needed

    So if i am at 1.9 then dl that version and reflash the try to go to 2.0
  3. racer73

    Help Needed

    Yep using the dongle dont have the 500 still have the 1.9 version on the guitar do i go back to 1.7*?
  4. racer73

    Help Needed

    tried to update in magnetic mode wo the models on and i got the same issues
  5. racer73

    Help Needed

    spoke to soon switch was a problem but now it wont upgrade First Errer Update Failed (C80009000) Unknown MIDI error Make sure the cables are still connected and try the update again when try again Error opening MIDI ports (C0de 8000900C device timed out waiting for a response Make sure no other applications are using the MIDI ports connectied to the Tyler Variax this shuts down the guitar btw
  6. racer73

    Help Needed

    GEnius!!!! Thanks now to get a clean update sg
  7. racer73

    Help Needed

    When I plug in to my amp and push down on the middle knob with the models listed it turned on an LED when the guitar modeling worked It doesnt change models now and the LED doesnt come on. Also the thumb switch on the upper part of the guitar that lets my tune down a step doesnt function. I recharged the battery till full and tried again but still no response from the guitar
  8. racer73

    Help Needed

    Thanks for the quick reply. The guitar has to turn on before you can reflash. Cant get it to come on, Is there a way to reflash with out turning the guitar models on? thanks sg
  9. Help I upgraded my JTV to the new HD I got a checksum error my jtv shut down and now wont come back on Have recharged the battery but cant get it to come back to life Any suggestions?