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  1. I’ve seen a few posts here and on the Fractal Forum.. So here’s my 2c worth on the Friedman ASM-12, having owned two myself. Loved them. Bought them purely because they were/are the closest thing to what a real cab sounds like, which was important to me. Yes, it’s FRFR and does the FRFR thing quite well, BUT, it does the ‘real sounding cab thing’ better than any other FRFR solution - this was what got me over the line. It was a no-brainer to buy. I used to own the Atomic CLR wedge and strongly disliked it. Too artificial sounding, didn’t sound anything like what I thought a mic’d up cab should sound like. Normal music sounded good through it, but playing your guitar through it didn’t cut it, not even close. I also owned 3 different active Alto speakers (a couple old Alto Elvis 10’ & 12’ which were actually quite good for a budget speaker). Might be a good time to just acknowledge that this is obviously very subjective; what sounded good to me may not sound good to you etc etc and vice versa. Having owned two Friedman BE100, Bogner XTC, 3 different H&K amps, EVH 5153, ENGL Steve Morse and Powerball etc (some decent amps I might add..), I had a pretty good idea what my ears would naturally gravitate towards tone-wise and cab-wise. I’ve only ever played 4x12 & 2x12s that were V30 loaded or combo V30+Creamback, if that helps. So, after years of playing these amps through these cabs, my ears have memory of the tone (if that makes any sense) and I knew what I would naturally like, or expect to hear. Back to the ASM.. It’s bulky and a little bit awkward to carry, but it’s worth the awkwardness given the sound that you get is precise but not over the top. It’s the only FRFR speaker that sounds very close to a real cab and pushes the air – which is what real cabs do, right!?! You can have it in the wedge position or the upright position. I kept it in the upright position 95% of the time. It could keep up with my other guitarists 100W JCM900 and delivered a good mid punch which I think A LOT of FRFR solutions really lack. Again, YMMV. Lastly, because I’m quite OCD, I had a couple custom covers made up for them because the shiny outer material looks like it can damage/scratch quite easily. Credit to Dave Friedman, the man makes some killer amps and some killer products in general, really. If I was to revisit the FRFR path, I’d get an ASM. Why did I get rid of them?!? Simply, I don’t play FRFR anymore – I’ve gone full circle and use my Helix to drive my amp which is my ‘A’ rig, and I use my Axe FX-ii with a valve power amp (VHT), which is my ‘B’ rig, into a Mesa vertical 2x12 cab.. actually, I use my two 2x12 vertical Mesa cabs! Awesome sound. Anyway, for what it’ worth I hope this helps. If anyone wants the specs for these custom covers that I got made up for it, just send me a PM. Georgy
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