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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, Sorry if this post is a bit long; I'll try to be succinct but it's a complex question. I have a Helix Floor but I also have a number of external pedals and guitar/bass amps/cabs, etc. Today I can obviously reamp to use the external pedals (Sends/Returns) and/or external amps (1/4" Out) and then capture the external amp sound with the Helix's single Mic In. So far, so easy. What I'd like to do is get a UAD Apollo of some kind, to use the plugins and also for the multiple Mic Ins. But I'd still like to be able to use Helix's modeling in the following way: a) Begin with a wet + DI recording using Helix into my DAW (Ableton Live) exactly the same as I do today...choose a Helix preset and record that + a DI version into the DAW. b) But then re-amp the DI multiple times through my external amps (and pedals), capturing that via the Apollo Mic Ins and printing these new tracks to my DAW. I'm not clear on the routing for this or if it's even actually possible. I've checked other threads and am aware the S/PDIF on Helix can be used to connect to S/PDIF on Apollo units that have this option but I'm not clear which should be the slave or master or even which unit should be attached to my Mac via USB (or Thunderbolt if it's the Apollo I guess). What would the routing for something like this be? Something like: DI track in DAW-> Helix S/PDIF Out-> Apollo S/PDIF In -> Apollo Line Out -> External Pedals -> External Amp-> (makes sound) -> Mics -> UAD Apollo Mic Ins ->.UAD S/PDIF Out -> Helix S/PDIF In -> new tracks printed into DAW? In this case, the S/PDIF Ins/Outs on both the HElix and Apollo are connected to create a big that ok (maybe that's the way it's supposed to work but I want to make sure)? Also, if the above would work, should it be done this way (with the Helix connected to the Mac/DAW via USB) or the reverse way (with the Apollo connected to the Mac/DAW via Thunderbolt 3) and for what reasons/justification (i.e. would it affect latency, would it affect use of Apollo plugins, would it affect the ability to even do the initial wet + DI tracks with Helix as step 1?). I'm not clear on this at all. One final requirement is that I can also record vocals directly into the Apollo Mic Ins...I don't think the routing with Helix would necessarily impact this but I want to make sure. Does anyone actually use Helix w/ an Apollo in a similar way (reamping through external stuff and using the Apollo to mic that)? If so, can you share your routing in an idiot-proof way because I'm not super technical on this stuff. I really appreciate any help! Thanks in advance, Chris
  2. I've been a pod xt live user for more then 10 years now and am currently looking into upgrading my rig. I've been comparing the PRO HD X with some other multieffects pedals / racks and I think this is the best value for money (altough i'm quite biased because i've used line 6 gear that long) But being a purchase of about € 950 (rack + footcontroller) i have a few questions. I know the hd pro is practicly a hd500x but in rack form and with a lot more routing options. So I was wondering if it is possible to send a preset WITH cabinet simulation to the XLR output and simulatniously send the same preset WITHOUT cabinet simulation to the 1/4 jack outputs. (this is so i can send the simulated preset to front of house , but still have a good tube amp with me on stage) I'm currenly also looking into the Digitech GSP 1101 (which i know can do that sort of routing) but am afraid of the preamp qualitys (i do not want to spend money to sound worse than my XT Pro Live now) Next question : if i compare price with the hd500x (being +- € 450) and the hd pro x + footcontroller (being +- 950), its a pretty huge price diffrence (at least in my opinion) does this mean that the hd pro x contains all amp model packs aswell (or do you still neet to buy the model packs to ?) , because if i where to buy all the model packs to , total price would be above € 1000 and thath i could very wel just find a good use axe fx ultra. Which i'm guessing (i've never heard one) has a far superior tone. If anyone would give me tips, pointer of some information regard text above, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance
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