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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I was in the process of buying a used Variax JVT69 (electric and acoustic models). I already own a Variax 700 (acoustic models only). I love the sound of the Gibson J200 on the 700. The JVT69 offers the same J200 model. So my main concern was to be able to use the strat or the Tele or the J200 when I'm playing live with my band I was pleased with the strat and Tel sounds but the sound of J200 was terriblel even using a mixer for this choice, with and A/B pedal to send the electric sound toward an amp and the J200 to the Mixer. What causes such a différence between the 700 and the JTV69 when I used the same mixer, and the same settings on the mixer ? ==> the string gauge. The JVT69 was strung with a 10-42 Nickel and my trusty 700 with 12-52 bronze. If I use 12-52 on the SVT69 to get the real sound of The J200, I'm not able anymore to bend my strings to play some Blues ou Rock chops. I wanted to use only 1 guitar (like the Varaix) to play electric or acoustic with a really good sound. Is there a way with the Monkey to say: There is a set of 10-42 strings on the guitar BUT when I select The J200, make believe it's a set of 12-52 strings instead, so that the sound going out of the J200 would improve drasticly ? Thanks to you guys.
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