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DT25 w POD HD300

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Hey there.

About to buy a used DT25, but not sure about the control POD.

Like to use all this for practice and hopefully on stage once I'm familiar w it.

Currently I use a VETTA HD.


I also do not know much about MIDI. So please apologize any stupid kind of questions.  ;.-))


1. Most tutorials talk about a setup w the HD500 only - but this is too expensive for me. I understand you can control the amp in the same way w an HD300 ? Just w less memory resp. channels/presets for storing ?

Or would there anything not available w HD300 vs. HD500 ?

2. Can I use only the effects of the HD300 w the pure sound of the amp ?

3. Dto. w no cabinet modelling ?

4. Is there a control over the effect routing ?  Meaning Delay, Reverb, Modulation in serial/parallel effects loop between pre- and power-tube amp. But the boosters in front of the pre-amp ?

6. Dto. reg. the volume pedal ?  Before pre-amp (for overdrive control) vs. after pre-amp for master resp. channel volume control ?

5. The HD300 is also able to control two DT amps like the HD500 ?

6. Read a lot about software verions upgrades to 2.x What would be the benefit ?

7. How can it be upgraded ? Via Windows PC ? And you would need a MIDI interface at the PC ?

8. Is it possible to have the same amp controls w a std. MIDI pedal where you can save settings and recall them ?


Lots of questions.  Sorry.  ;-))

If I completely miss or mix the principals of the amp, I'm sorry, but let me know then as well.


Many THX and Cheers from Munich, Germany.



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