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Bypassing the input jack on the transmitter

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I've had a consistent problem with my X2 since I bought it where the input jack on the transmitter constantly comes loose giving me intermittent cut outs. Since this unit is well out of warranty could someone give me a schematic or at least just a description of how to hard wire this thing? I was going to strip the 1/8" connector off the input wire and solder it directly to the board because that's literally the only problem I have with these units.

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I know this is a year old post but thought I would chime in since I have a few of these units. I have found that eventually every stock X2 guitar transmitter cord, 1/8" TRS jack end, will eventually start making noise; cutting in and out. So, I tried a cheap hosa style molded plastic 1/8" TRS plug, then cut off the other end and put on a mono 1/4" guitar plug to go into my guitar. Can't remember which wire I soldered together at that end but I did follow the original cord's example. For some reason, a cheaper cord with the plastic molded one-piece strain relief would work great on every unit I have. To keep the cord from pulling out during a live performance, I simply use a strip of duct tape to keep the jack plugged into the transmitter. Sounds hokey, but it totally cured the problem.

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