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Hd400 - L6 - Dt50 Lowish Volume?


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Hi guys.  Running HD400 w/DT 50 via L6 and experiencing a 'low volume' issue. Amp volume MAX, 'PRE' models on HD400 MAX, EXP pedal MAX and its only reasonable volume? (I have updated firmware in both units) To test the amp I loaded eight models into the DT50 across the eight topologies with DT Customizer and the amp in 'stand alone mode' is working perfectly.....and gets plenty loud!!!  


BTW, if nobodys done it, it is very cool to 'simplify' the DT50 by doing what I did and just using it a 2 chl amp if you can get away with that. I've still got flexibility as I can select 2 of 8 models at a time so I dial in the amp I need for what I need at the time. Running TC Electronic reverb/delay and a BB Preamp out front for boost and switching chls with tip/sleeve F/S OR a midi floor board for the 8 amps.


So much tweakablity and options and its all come together except for this one problem. Any help would be appreciated  :)




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