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Using the Spider IV DI Live ******FIX******

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The DI on the Spider IV is really a STEREO headphone out..  We were running it direct into the mixer for gigs (1/4") and it sounded pretty good but something just wasn't right....  Unless your taking the signal out of the DI with a TRS "Y" splitter and running 2 separate signals to either 2 separate channels (or a stereo input) on the mixer, you're only getting half of the sound (it is stereo)...


  It's VERY, VERY BAD to combine a stereo signal into 1 with a "Y" cable http://www.rane.com/note109.html  (good read) so we tried one of these:





Into one of these:




and out to the mixer/snake via XLR....  WHAM!!!  The sound was there,, all of it...  Full, big and cutting.


Try it,,, You'll like it!!!


PS... I sprung for one of these to add versatility (can run IPod to PA and have a COMBINED mono signal..



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