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Is There A List Of Apps That Work With Sonic Port

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Just got a Sonic Port and the last page of the Pilot's Guide says visit www.line6.com/sonicport/apps for a list of featured apps.  Unfortunately that page is not working (Internal Server Error.) Is there an alternate location for the list?




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Typical line 6 support of late. Yep same page error. true professional support there. It's been years already and they still can't make a simple IOS digital interface like everyone else already can.


After 15 years of line 6 purchases I finally gave up. For IOS I use Apogee and just grabbed the newest irig HD for digital I/O. They work with every app unlike line 6 devices so my advice is to return the line 6 crap and go with a working known product. Unfortunately, line 6 's days of guitar domination are clearly over.


To bad, I still like there tones the best...except Overloud TH2 is best IOS tones by far!

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