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HD 2.6 Firmware Update.


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After months of waiting the 2.6 Firmware update has finally arrived. Unfortunately, despite promises to the contrary, it is unavailable to owners of the older HD500. Can anybody give me a reason why?


Regards K

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do not worry they will update the HD500


what I don't understand why they holding the HD500 firmware back? as both the HD500 and the HD500X use the same software to program the chips, which are the same chip, no new instruction set for the newer 400mhz chip to get to grips with or give an avantage so ?


well it's not even a newer chip on the HD500X, just runs 67mhz faster than the chip they used before. the 400mhz chip was released the same time as the 333mhz only ADI who makes the chip stopped making the 333mhz version, so Line 6 had to use the 400mhz chip hence the release of the X variants


so why hold back on the release for HD500 ? the chips are no different to program, are they not ?

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