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POD HD Pro - Some new amps missing


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I'm not seeing any of the new "Line 6" or the Back Panel Pete amps. The other new amps are there. I purchased the full bundle. 


Are the non-X models just not getting those amps? 


Yes, I've read this: 




It doesn't apply, as I understand the naming scheme. They just aren't there. In the pod menus or HD Pro Edit. 


I've also considered that none of these amps are even supposed to be available to non-X models yet. If that's the case, why am I seeing any of them? 


I'm connected to a DT50 212 via L6 LInk, if that matters. 


EDIT: Just checked the Pod's settings and all packs are listed as installed. FYI. 


EDIT2: Ah, I guess they ARE there. They just don't have pre models and weren't in Pod HD Pro Edit until I power cycled everything. 

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