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First gig with M20d and L3m

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Finally got to use my M20d and L3m's last night, other than a few operator problems the system was fantastic. The speakers have a great flat sound and were more than able to handle keyboard,guitar,banjo,mandolin and various brass instruments. I set up everything using presets a little bit of EQ tweaking and listening back to the quick record and good to go in 30 mins or so. It wasn't a massive room and we didn"t use monitors instead setting one of the L3m's at the back of the stage and angled slightly in.


It was an open mic night and we had no problems with any feedback, everyone could here themselves and the acoustic players commented how good their instruments sounded. All I can say is that the system sounds great and does everything I expected and more. Recorded the whole show easily onto SD. Couldn't get the samsung dongle to work but in fairness didn't have time to mess with it. Have bought the apple kit anyway.


BIG THANKS TO SiWatts69 who gave me some advice after I messaged him, he is really active on the forums and always keen to help and offer advice. i know there are lots of other digital mixers coming onto the market but this system is really easy to use and sounds great.

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Tried the dongle thing for a while and then just bought the apple thing and it's worked pretty well since.  In a big crowd the range of the iPad can be a bit wonky.  Amazing system though.


Welcome aboard.  It's not a perfect system but it's an amazing leap forward from the huge system I was using before.  And I can train just about anyone with an ear to be sound guy in a pinch.


If you haven't started using the recording capabilities yes, prepare to be amazed.

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