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M20D Just did an amazing job

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People just seem to be posting problems on here so I thought i would offer some balance by a report on a gig i just did.


I was nervous about running sound for this gig as it was really complex.  6 different bands, all with wildly different sound requirements, some of them quite big names in their day so didn't want to stuff up!


I sound checked as much as I could but invariably there were going to be people turning up and plugging in right at the last moment. I am very pleased to report that the gig went fantastically and sounded incredible.   I did have all acts saved as setups in the desk which helped but the thing that really made my life easier was the ability to quickly set up a whole channel in seconds just by dragging it onto the screen.   In one moment, a violin player and a percussionist with a Cahon appeared to play with a band and I had no idea that they were coming at the time of the sound check.   The workflow was simple:  Drag the instrument onto the screen, assign a channel, check level and they are good to go.  I honestly don't think I would have coped with the night on a 'conventional' sound desk.


...oh and the sound quality..(all line 6 speakers)- Comments from the band members and the audience,   They couldn't understand how I had managed to get it all so clear in such a short space of time.


So here is a big thank you and a well done to Line 6.  Brilliant products.

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