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Dt25/hd500 Reamping Idea: Is This Possible?




I've been puzzling with this for awhile.


I want to use my DT25 to record, so I am going to mic it up.  (I know I can use the cab sim direct out too, but I prefer it mic'ed up).


At the same time, I'd also like to send a dry signal to be recorded.  I want to use Pod Farm on this signal later.


I tried using a patch I downloaded here called Wet n Dry, which I know can be used to send a dry signal when recording directly out of the POD.  However, when i use this patch, all I hear coming out of the DT25 is a dry signal.  This makes no sense to me, as Amp A is on.  The funny thing is if I change Amp A to something else, the DT25 reconfigures itself to the new typology/class.  So I know on some level it knows what is going on, but the sound of Amp A isn't there.


I took the Right output from the POD and fed it as the dry signal, which worked okay.  I just don't have a wet signal.


I have attached a screen shot of the patch.


Any sense of what I'm doing wrong here?  Thanks!



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