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BassPODxt Pro EQ problem


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I'm having a lot of trouble working with the EQ. I use the PODxt as effect unit in the post-eq effects loop on my Glockenklang Soul, I started by setting everything to neutral, trying to get as close to the original Glockenklang sound as my default starting sound, not using any amps or speakers, going straight for the EQ, but the amount of change the EQ makes is sometimes barely noticable, but most of the time there's no change at all.

When turning the knobs I think to hear some change, but when I compare with and without EQ, by pushing the EQ button above the screen, there is little to no change.


Just to test I turned all sliders down and from there boosted a single slider to the top, to play with the frequency, but even with 24db+ boost, compared to the rest of the frequency range, there's little to no change in tone.

In comparisson to that I created a smooth hill in the frequency spectrum, with settings like +3/+5/+7/+5/+3/+1 and this gives slightly more response while working with it, but onces saved and I switch the EQ on and off, again there's no difference in sound at all.


When I do the same with a slider on my Fishman BassEQ, every milimeter change on a slider is so obvious, same as the EQ from my Glockenklang, or any EQ I worked with over the past 20 years, but the EQ from my BassPOD is a complete mistery to me...


Is there a chance there's something turned off in some other menu, I'm overlooking? Or what can be the problem that the EQ hardly gives any response?

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