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[FX100] Streaming music from Spotify while playing guitar (all through headphones)?

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Hello all,


I will be getting the FX100 in a few days.  My main goal here is to listen to my guitar and my Spotify music all through my headphones.  My plan is to connect my guitar to the FX100 and connect my iPhone via Bluetooth.  I will then play a song through Spotify, and listen to the guitar/Spotify blend through my headphones (I will connect my headphones to the "phones" connection in the back of the FX100).


My question is, when I play a song with Spotify, will I still be able to use the Amplifi Remote App without it stopping the Spotify stream?  I just downloaded the Amplifi Remote App, played a song via Spotify, and switched back to the Amplifi Remote App on my iPhone, and the music did keep playing and I could play with the Amp settings on the "Editor" screen, so this gives me hope. 


Anyone have any ideas? Thank you.

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Hi King


I use a Galaxy tablet and I'm able to stream music from Spotify and edit on the remote app simultaneously through the headphone jack.


I can't speak to an iPad or iPhone

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