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Pod Hd500 Crashing My Laptop


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I'm suffering a lot of crashes  on my Dell M6400 laptop, running with a POD HD500


I used to use this with a pod XT and that was 100% bomb proof :(


Anyways...here's what I'm seeing:


I open up my laptop, plug in the USB from the HD500 fire up the HD500  edit software


This works fine to control and record  the HD500


My problem comes with disconnecting and closing the laptop, I am getting frequent crashes BSOD and memory dump and I have to reboot my laptop. So far I've had this happen on unplugging the USB, Clsoing the HD editor, on re-opening the laptop


So questions:


1) is there a driver update to make this work as well as my POD XT used to

2) if there isn't whats is the correct procedure for closing down and disconnecting the HD from windows


Many thanks for any help!

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