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Pod Ux2 Ableton Live Lite Software

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I recently purchased a POD UX2 that was supposed to come with POD Farm, Propellerhead,and Able ton Live Lite Line 6 Studio Series software. I was surprised to find only two disks in the box and I called Line 6 support for help. After waiting on the line for almost one whole HOUR, I was simply told that I had to go to Ableton's website and download it there. I created an account and downloaded the software and now it wants me to put in a serial number. The problem is that the serial number on my pod is not what they want and In have no serial numbers other than the Reason software but that doesn't work either. I have been searching for days trying to find the an answer but In have been unsuccessful. Please tell me how to get Ableton Live Lite up and running!

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Very easy! Email Ableton support with your problem and send them a picture of your receipt as proof of your purchase. They will reply to you and give you a serial number. I have done this before. I hope this works out for you.

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