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Another Review from a new owner


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Apologies, I posted this first on the enormous The Gear Page Helix thread as it's way more active than here - and I'd urge anyone who hasn't to dip in there, it's hugely


"Yet another review, but I won't apologise as I've found it thrilling and educational from miles back in the thread before I got one and I'm still reading every morning.  That said I'll keep it short and sweet.  Like most I didn't find the presets especially impressive off the bat and didn't really expect to.  What I did find was that a bit of judicious and quick tweaking got them to a very nice place, likewise some of the Customtone presets people have been putting up.  Last night I got busy making my own amp and pedal board, which is what it's all about for me at this point.  Gorgeous clean Deluxe, little bit of Deluxe compressor, with the barest hair of hair, a handy incremental boost, two Minotaurs dialled way back for three grades of ampy drive that roars if you hit it hard enough, a little spring, a little slap via the Transistor Tape.  Glorious!  If that's a beginning the world is an oyster with more pearls than snot.  It takes the Variax beautifully via mags and the models really show their legs - at this point I'm just direct in, no VDI.  The fizz or crossover distortion issue, well, it's the same disappointment I've often experienced when I've come in after a take using the most wonderful sound I've ever got from an amp only to hear something slightly dead in the arse coming through the monitors.  This thing works like the harsh real world of amps being recorded works.  Good, it means the sweet spot is all the larger.  Tried a few 3rd party IR's, nice colour but certainly not putting the onboard cabs to shame.  And lastly I tried a couple of mics today, crystal and more than a little bit thrilling to try some modelled compressors and fx with a view to committing rather than treating afterwards.  Barely peeled the first grape and I'm already making fine wine.  Recording is going to be a blast, writing has a new partner in crime, live I don't have a clue yet but I'm confident.

Only wish, an even more natural overdrive, a Paul Cochrane Tim or even a Timmy.  I want something that marries the amp and then takes it waltzing - and something that at zero gain is not still distorting....time for Ideascale.  Love it, amazing work Line 6!"
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