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Hd500/x Led Control


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Hey all,


I'm dealing with a bit of frustration. I tend to use FS1 as my distortion/lead boost switch. I often use this to switch between two distortion pedals with different drive settings, and it works great. Whichever pedal I add last control to last seems to control the LED on/off. That means I can easily tell which pedal setting is on just by looking at the LED. Now I've started creating some cleaner patches, and to keep the volume level closer I like to use a clean boost when the distortion is off, but I'm frustrated to find that the vetta juice seems to override the distortion pedal for the LED regardless of what order I put the controls in. I'm guessing that there's nothing I can do here. I want the vetta on when the LED is off and the distortion on when the LED is on so that it's consistent with all my other patches. Do boost pedals always override distortion pedals?

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