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Is it blasphemy to switch?

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I'm thinking about switching to an Amplifi 75 and wanted opinions, but please consider my individual circumstances:


I have a Vetta II with a shortboard.  I do NOT gig.  I sit in my music room at home and entertain myself.  I like the versatility of the Vetta as I play a wide range of music, but frankly, I'm not so much into the hours of tinkering to get the tone "just right".  That's not to say that I mind playing with tone, but the iPad interface of the Amplifi is kind of appealing to me.


What I don't have is any experience really sitting down with the Amplifi.  The chain store near me is filled with non-stop, full volume show-offs that doesn't really afford the opportunity to see if the switch is a good choice.  I started with a Spider 75 and sold that off within 5 months. So, has anyone here had time with one?  Is it a step up from the Spider in terms of tone quality?  Is it a major step down from the Vetta?



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