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Pod Hd500x + Amplifier + Mp3 Backing Tracks



I'm new here and I have a question about the POD HD 500 / 500x.


Does anybody know how does it work when I use my guitar and a POD direct into an Amplifier (with 4 cable method) and using mp3 song direct into the POD?


My problem is that I mostly play with backing tracks and trough headphones; I'm planning an amp change and I've seen that most of the tube amps don't have mp3 line in.


Any suggestion?


Thank you and cheers from Switzerland!



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If you're just looking to play with headphones, the HD500 is enough by itself. It has both the headphone and mp3 jacks. That's what I use almost all the time. You CAN use the POD this way thru an amp (except with the Line 6 DT series when using the L6 link), but it doesn't sound too good. I also sometimes use a small inexpensive Behringer 802 mixing board. I'd like to eventually some day get a decent pair of studio monitors (FRFR) to go with the board, so I can ditch the headphones once in a while and have a decent sound when playing with backing tracks and other music. 

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