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Hd500 As A Midi Controller


Hi there HD500 Guru's.


I've been using the HD500 with a Blackstar Series One 45 combo with great success using the 4 cable method. Just using the HD500 pre-amps is great but a bit of a waste; the Blackstar's own pre-amp channels (all four of them) sound great in their own right, so I've just decided to try and use the MIDI functions to achieve this. The Blackstar has MIDI connectors to allow a controller to change between pre-amp channels.


The theory is that I wire up using the 4 cable method so that I can put the Blackstar pre-amp's in the HD500 FX loop. Then, for a given patch, I map the HD500 pre-amp on/off to a footswitch and also map the FX loop off/on (feeding the Blackstar pre-amps) to the same switch, AND then map a MIDI command to tell the Blackstar to switch in the correct pre-amp channel. All good in theory and seems at first glance to work.


Here's where I hit issues. In HD EDIT I select the 'BASE' MIDI channel, command 'Prog Change' and Prog numbers 0..3 to select the appropriate Blackstar channel. Save the patch. Upload the patch to the HD500. Then I find that between them the HD500 and HD EDIT have decided to change the MIDI prog number, usually (but not always) to 1 more than the value I set. I cannot seem to make the Prog number stick. Anyone else seen this? Its driving me mad.

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