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DT50 Powered on in standby mode - Died after 5 mins - no power at all

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My DT50 212 just bit the bullet just 5 minutes after turning it on and placing it into standby mode. I turned around and heard a soft click like noise and then nothing. ALL fuses are okay....outside (main) and the two internal fuses.


It has less then 10 hours of 'on/play time' and was purchased from AMS two years ago.


I know there were transformer issues mentioned in a service bulletin, however, I cannot find the information here. Can someone point me to that information please or explain if this (despite being out of warranty) is covered or not, etc. I saw the exact same transformer (number 1 below...the larger one) being sold for ~ $225.00. A crap load of $$ for a hunk of iron and copper. 



My Serial number is:  (21) A891576040000994

Part #:  59-00-0072-5


Xformer 1:  11-30-0044 / CS4 0000-02-341G / CMP-071413-1 / E201330 / 1030

Xformer 2:  11-33-0003 / CS4 0000-07342G / CMP-071117 / 1031







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