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Using expression pedal to step through stomp boxes?

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Hi folks. Good to see that there's still a bit of activity here. Bought my Axe 2 when the Vetta was released, and it's still running strong to this day! One thing I've always struggled with though... I use the Tube Screamer (overdrive) distortion, and I'd love to be able to control it the way you can control the preamp drive with the wah pedal. I'm a bit midi-challenged though, and don't care to buy something that might be useless to me. If I were to purchase an expression pedal that has a midi interface, I'm thinking I should be able to set up 10 stomp boxes, stepping through each level of drive for that patch, and then use the pedal to cycle through them somehow. Does this seem like a logical pursuit? Or am I way off base here? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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