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Vst Not Working In Ableton

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So I am having a problem with using the POD Farm Amps/Effects etc as VST within my DAW. 


Strangely they used to work, but I have gone back to a track and the insert VST have no effect on the recorded audio (in this case I am adding a bass amp to the dry recording)


I've tried reauthorizing my pc and device (ux2) in the licence manager, have made sure that the correct .dll files are in my VST folder. 


I can open the VST but there is no sound from them. Has a licence gone astray? Given that I previously was able to use the VST within my DAW (Ableton) it seems strange that I now can't. 


Under add-ons in the licence manager I have 


fx junkie  -  model packs

pod farm 1 -  software

pod farm 2  - software

propellerhead record  -  software    (For Reason)


Should I expect to see anything else related specifically to usage as a VST? Or does anyone have any other suggestions?


My OS is Windows 64 bit but I am using Ableton 32bit in this case. 


Any help greatly appreciated. 








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