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New To Line 6 And Need A Few Tips And A Splash Of Help

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hey guys i purchased a line 6 spider 2 amp 150w and lurrrrrrrve it, it also comes with the fbv shortboard


now iv had luck in getting some of the settings i want, to be fair the shortboard is a bit confusing and im not exactly sure what im doing with it, the amp itself is simple enough, the only issue im having is when i try to store some amp settings on the ABCD channels, it sometimes appears not to store the settings completely, or change little buts like the amp model or smart controls, so im wondering if im doing something there...


other times it will keep the settings ok but the volume will be ridiculously loud and deaffening when i switch channel, also hte shortboard doesnt seem to have some of the settings on it  or pre sets should i say that iv read in forums, so am i doing something wrong or have they been deleted, is there a restore factory presets on both the amp and shortboard.....


anyhoo apart from the above issues im looking for a couple of set ups for the following


shinedown - bully

billy talent - rusted from the rain

weezer - hashpipe

andrew WK - party hard

helmet - unsung


and the unicorn - CKY - 96 quite bitter beings ( cant seem to find any settings at all for this one)


then a couple of settings i already have but would like a possible variation of are 


3 days grace - animal i have become

shinedown - sound of madness


any help would be appreciated guys


also with the shortboard can you overwrite the presets or are they sort of stuck in there for good

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