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Amplifi 75 with FBV Shortboard Mk I

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So after a week or so of playing around with my new Amplifi, I mustered enough courage to connect my FBV Mk. I from my Flextone III.  I was a bit apprehensive based on the fact that Line 6 doesn't mention the Amplifi as being compatible with the Mk I.


The good news is that the FBV Shortboard Mk I does connect to the Amplifi just fine.  The remote App shows the signal chain icons as being controlled by the board switches (Stomp, Delay, Mod, and Reverb).  In addition to being able to control the effects off and on, you can control volume and the tuner feature.  


The bad news is that you cannot change banks with it.  You are limited to the first Amplifi Bank and those four tones with the A, B, C, and D switches.  You can, however, use the remote App to go to any tone you have saved (on any other bank) and still have control over volume and effects using the board.  


So, if you have a Mk I from an earlier amp like the Flextone, you can still get some use out of it.  It works better than an express (because of the effect switches) and it allows you to switch between 4 saved tones on the first bank.


Hope that helps!

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