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General Ux2 Setup Help


I'm having issues with a UX2->Garageband setup.  I've been using the UX2 for a few years without issues but after upgrading my Macbook Pro OS and updating the Line6 software and drivers it seems to have some problems.  I spent a few hours on this last week and finally had a signal coming through to Pod Farm 2 from a mic input on the UX2.  I left it and planned to come back and finish up the Garageband piece but now it's not working with the Pod Farm 2 or GB.  Within Pod Farm 2, the input meter is pegged no matter what input I use.  I've tried both mic and instrument with the same results.  There is no indication of signal on the on-board UX2 meters.  I've unplugged everything multiple times, restarted software, checked software revisions with Line6 Monkey.  Everything seems to be in order but there is no signal.  I'm at a loss on what to do at this point other than pick up a new interface.  Any last ditch suggestions?

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