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Pod Hd500 X Into Firestudio

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 I am running my POD HD500 X into my Firestudio mobile but I have some questions.. I have posted on the Presonus forum but I don't get any feedback. So I am coming here hopefully someone can help me. Its possible I am doing everything right.. I just don't have any way of knowing without some kind of feedback from people who know a little more than I.


 So.. My firestudio has 2 instrument (1 mic and 1 instrument) inputs on the front of the interface and 6 (Analog) in the back. I have been told.. to use the analog inputs in the back. (the manual also shows to send my guitar and processor into the analog inputs on the back) BUT!.. I have seen videos and others run through the front inputs.. even running left and right at the same time into the front of the interface, inputs being the mic and instrument inputs... this also draws me to another question... should I run left and right mono outputs from the PODHD500X into the analog inputs on the back of the  firestudio interface for best results? Is this the best way to record in stereo? Would it be in stereo if I just run one track for each side and pan them? Or.. is it only in stereo if I am recording both sides at the same time in the same track?


 Also... by running through the analog inputs in the back... I have no volume adjustment and clipping meter. Only the volume adjustment from the interface's main.



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