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Should I stay or should I go?


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Originally. I grabbed a DT50 212 back in 2013.  Mated along with the HD 500, I was thrilled with this dream rig.  In fact, I understand that Steve Howe of Yes was using the same gear.  However, since upgrading to the Helix and a Stagesource L2t, my dream rig has been sitting fallow. The ease, portability, and sound of the new stuff is more pleasing for me . And I don't have to lug the DT50.   I am definitely hanging on to the HD500 as a backup to the Helix.  But, I am conflicted about letting the DT50 go.  I fear that Line 6 will come up with an integration of the Helix and DT amps as soon as I sell the DT50. And, I have loved that amp.  It just has been sitting quietly for the past year. Any thoughts?

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Just my opinion. There was some talk about Helix getting some integration on hooking to a single DT Amp, but so far that has not surfaced. I would expect either to see Line 6 continue down the road with keeping the Helix more of a FRFR solution or possibly a DT replacement coming out.  Of course you can hook up some MIDI cable and use MIDI from the Helix to the DT. Some have done that and report it sounding great once the Helix patches are tweaked for the DT. 


If you are happy with the Helix FRFR solution, why keep the DT around?  I've heard the Helix FRFR and didn't like the gain sounds too much myself. But I also don't like the POD HD when it's running FRFR either.

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