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Godsmack tone challenge


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  • 5 months later...

What kind of amps/cabs and such are you using?

I play bass and I'm going to make a preset that outputs the bass on one path and a guitar tone on another. I figured that on the guitar path I would use a pitch shifter to increase the pitch by an octave, then add a guitar amp/cab/distortion. That, in theory, gives me a guitar tone. I will also try adding a harmonizer to add a 5th. That, again in theory, would give me a root/5th guitar chord that matches the bass' root note. Seems like a lot of Godsmack guitar stuff is pretty simple like that.

I'm concerned about how well the guitar part will track the bass, especially since the bass will be tuned to drop D and drop C. Anyone try it?


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  • 4 months later...

I did this today but for the Spider V, sorry I dont have the Helix.

I know from doing this for years in studio you really dont want all that bass, the bass player will blend in with your tone and together you will both make that deep percussive dark tone, if you do it all with your guitar, you will be stepping on the bass lines and rattling your speakers off their frames. true story.

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