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After Updating Win10,Amplifi 150 Cannot Play Music And Record Together

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Maybe there is something wrong with the dirve of amplifi 150.After updating windows 10, my amplifi can't play music and record the sound of guitar together,why?!

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I've been having USB flakyness with Windows 10 as well. My Gigabyte motherboard has USB 3.0 support, but compatibility with different devices has always been a pain. 


One thing that I've found helps is changing the ports different devices connect to, effectively rebalancing power draw and bandwidth usage across the internal USB hubs on the motherboard. I found that the Amplifi recording was working when it was the only thing plugged in to USB, so I don't think it's an issue with the amp.


If you don't care for/need USB 3.0, you can also try disabling XHCI mode in your BIOS.


I got so frustrated debugging this that I bought separate USB 2.0 and 3.0 PCI cards.  :o

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